Treatments Offered Charges for Indian Patients (In INR) Charges for NRI & Foreigner (In $)
Infertility work up with investigations Rs.6000.00 $92.00
*Operative hysteroscopy &/or laparoscopy Rs.30000.00 $462.00
*Diagnostic Hysterosopy & laproscopy Rs.18000.00 $277.00
*Tubal recanalization Rs.30000.00 $462.00
*IVF-ET (Single Attempt) Rs.80000.00 $1231.00
TESA, PESA/Per Cycle Rs.10000.00 $108.00
ICSI-ET Rs.95000.00 $1308.00
Freezing of semen (1 year) Rs.5000.00 $24.00
  Cryofreezing of Embryos  
Initial Deposit Rs.10000.00 $154.00
FET (Frozen embryo transfer cycle) Rs.50000.00 $462.00
Every 6 months Rs.5000.00 $77.00
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